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May 22, 2018

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Exposure. Using advertisements on Guyana Outpost, you will be increasing the visibility of your product or service on the Internet. Its that simple.

Guyana Outpost's advertising rates and the value of the many options are second to none.

So, great exposure for low rates -- what more can you ask for?

[*]Are the ad opportunities open to anyone?

Although Guyana Outpost is primarily a site about Guyana, advertising opportunities are open to non-Guyanese and interests unrelated to Guyana as well. There is no difference in the cost.

[*]Where will ads be placed, and how will they work?

Due to the nature and layout of this web site, ad banners will be placed at the top, and other ad graphics will be placed in the left or right columns of the pages. This way, they would be quite visible but at the same time they would not detract from the main material flow on the page. The ads on this page indicate typical ad placement.

Ads will also be optionally placed on the Guyana Outpost "Yellow Pages", not unlike the layout in a telephone directory. Yellow Page ads are sorted by interest and alphabetically.

All banners will share the same space at the top of the page, and will be either static or randomly displayed every time the page is loaded.

For static banners, there is one banner per campaign and it is fixed / always displayed on the page specified by the advertiser.

For rotating banners, each advertiser has the same chance of banner display, depending on the number of banners submitted per campaign. Each ad campaign is allowed up to 3 banners for the same price. Only 1 ad graphic per ad campaign.

Until further notice, ad graphics will all be placed separately down the left or right columns of the pages on which they are displayed.

Clicking on a banner or ad graphic would cause the linked web site or Yellow Page ad to be displayed. Yellow page ads will contain hyperlinks where possible (jump to web page, email, etc.)

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[*]Okay ... what are the ad options?

  • Option 1: Static Banner on any Main Page
  • Option 2: Rotating Banner on Main Site and News Pages with Yellow Page Listing option
  • Option 3: Rotating Banner on Recipes Pages with Yellow Page Listing option
  • Option 4: Rotating Banner on All Pages with Yellow Page Listing option
  • Option 5: Static Ad graphic on Main Site and News Pages with Yellow Page Listing option
  • Option 6: Static Ad graphic on Recipes Pages with Yellow Page Listing option
  • Option 7: Static Ad graphic on All Pages with Yellow Page Listing option
  • Option 8: Listing on Yellow Pages alone

[*]Some technical stuff

You may submit your banner or ad graphic, or Gondola Webworks can design them to your specification for a nominal charge.

  • Banners: 468 pixels wide x 60 pixels high
  • Ad graphics: maximum of 120 pixels square
  • Other sizes - contact us
  • All banners and ad graphics are to be in .GIF format (static or animated) or .JPG format (static);
  • 256 colours or less should be used, and ads are not to be transparent in any part;
  • Compression and other optimization techniques, are to be used to make the file sizes 15kB or less where possible.

[*]Making Payments

Pay with your VisaPay with your Mastercard

This has never been easier. Through Guyana Outpost's parent company, Gondola Webworks, we can now accept your payments online using your Visa or Mastercard.

This means that you could be advertising and drawing customers to your business immediately.

Please check the Gondola Webworks site for more information on making payments.

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Please send us an email stating the following --

  • Name
  • Street Address
  • Telephone number
  • Fax number
  • Comments

and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We appreciate your business!

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