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April 22, 2018

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Front Cover - click for a larger imageBack Cover - click for a larger image

Price: $11.95


Days of Laughter

Jagdish R.Singh



Days of Laughter depicts some of the childhood experiences of many who lived in Guyana during the 1950s and 60s. The sequence of events in this narrative will not only bring back memories of the past, but it will also give today’s adolescents an opportunity to look back at the happenings of an earlier period.

While this book is intended to make you smile and reflect on some of the simple joys in life, it is also a gentle reminder of some of the games children played in Guyana, the stories they listened to and the toys they made. In an effort to preserve what many have experienced while growing up in Guyana, this simple story takes account of some well-liked birds, popular individuals in certain villages, some notable places to visit, as well as common Guyanese Creole to remind us of our homeland. 


Author: Jagdish R. Singh (Roy) was born June 29, 1953 in the town of Blenheim on the island of Leguan, Guyana. In 1977 he immigrated to Canada where he studied spiritual beliefs and ancient myths. Since then, he has been actively writing fiction and non-fiction themes that are thoughtful and informative. He is the author of the fiction novels Strange Misfortunes, Adventures of the Homeless and The True Self, as well as a collection of essays titled Earthly Tribulations, and fourteen fictional stories under the title Pandora’s Heartaches. Author’s website:

Front Cover - click for larger imageBack Cover - click for larger image

Price: $10.00

Happiness : Naked Truths

Habeeb Alli

ISBN 978-0-9782761-3-3


HAPPINESS: NAKED TRUTHS is a collection of essays based on social, religious and sexual themes. These concise analyses are based on a number of widely debated topics, aimed at refreshing our minds on past experiences and contemporary issues. Living through our daily activities, at times, happiness evades us, as we think it's only from certain things and people with a sense of balance. But each daily act provides a spiritual dimension that is reason for happiness. This book explores those options and liberates us from thinking religion is totally against being happy! Readers will get an opportunity to examine most of their spiritual happiness in a worldly paradigm that touches on love, sex, travel, work, honesty, charity, care, etc.


Habeeb Alli was born in 1969, Guyana’s Independence Day, in the town of Enmore, Guyana, South America. He attended Queens College, and worked at the National Bank in Georgetown, before undergoing studies in spirituality and journalism in India. In 2003, he immigrated to Canada, where he later studied world religions and new age happiness. Since then he has been writing fiction and non-fiction themes that are meaningful and educational. He is the author of the poetic book Passions of Eldorado, among his eleven other publications and lectures about love and sexuality.

Front Cover - Click to enlargeBack Cover - Click to Enlarge

Price: $14.95

The Encounter

Norman Ray Fitts

ISBN 978-1-4196-7390-0


A large Galactic Empire, for centuries, has known of our existence. We were of little interest to them until something happened in Earth's solar system to attract them back. A small tear in the fabric of space formed a portal to the past. They used this natural phenomenon to observe Earth through time. Now another species is looking at Earth to establish a foothold along the Empire's frontier. When they invade they kill, or enslave, the entire native population. Because of their long distant, but somewhat personal attachment to human kind, the Chancellor of the Empire has sent his daughter to coordinate the events required to make contact. As with all heads of state, her father has enemies. Circumstance brings her and a human named Lawrence Casey together, and plunges them into Earth's past just ahead of a band of mercenaries sent to deliver her to her father's enemies. The year is eighteen seventy-five. The place is Wyoming. Our time travelers land in the middle of a range war between the mountain and valley ranchers. Taking sides sets in motion future events that lead to the destruction of a third of Earth's population. Help is on the way with the knowledge that could restore Earth's timeline. There is a chance to fix it if they can avoid capture by the mercenaries or death at the hands of the valley ranchers.

Front Cover - Click for a larger imageBack Cover - Click for a larger image

Price: $10.95

Proverbial Wisdom From Guyana

Victorine Grannum-Solomon

ISBN 978-0-8059-4150-9


Na aal daag wa a bark a bait
Not every dog which barks bites

Evrii bush a man a nait taim
Every bush is a man at night

Bush gat eez, dutii gat tong
Bushes have ears, and the dirt has a tongue


Proverbs such as these offer clear insights into the values and ethics of the community which developed them. What makes these proverbs truly meaningful and influential is that, despite their communal origins, they hold a universal meaning which offers heartfelt lessons to people worldwide.


In Proverbial Wisdom from Guyana, Victorine Grannum-Solomon has assembled on incisive study of proverbs from Guyana. Through these epithets she effectively demonstrates what Guyanese people believe to be true, their value systems, and their perceptions of the link between actions and consequences. Broken down into categories defined by representational wards like advice, warning, encouragement, and criticism, these proverbs offer an incisive vision of the feelings, thoughts, and experiences of the Guyanese people.


About the Author
Having produced a study of proverbs in 1974 while working toward her bachelor's degree, Victorine Grannum-Solomon chose to expand her research and compose Proverbial Wisdom from Guyana in order to provide her children with a tangible reminder of their roots.


A native of Guyana, Grannum-Solomon earned her bachelor's degree in English from the University of Guyana, her master's of education in psychology of reading from Temple University, and her doctorate in reading and language arts from Temple in 1997. As a graduate assistant for Temple, she has taught developmental reading to college freshmen for the last six years.

Front Cover - Click for a larger imageBack Cover - Click for larger image

Price: $19.00

A Seal Fascination At Sea

A Fascinating Seal

Goomatie Sue-A-Quan · Website

ISBN 978-0-8059-7517-8


A Seal Fascination at Sea is a captivating and playful story about Ebony, a brave and friendly seal with excellent swimming and water acrobatic and aerobic skills. Follow her journey as she urges her friends, Puffie, Turtia, Franie, Fifi, and Perl, to go on an incredible adventure in the high seas.


But when something terrible and unforeseen happens to Perl, the little pink crab, Ebony must prove her heroism and unconditional love to save her fragile friend.


Lessons in timely love, togetherness, friendship, and listening are explored in this hilarious and dynamic tale of an extraordinary seal and her lifelong friends.


Goomatie Sue-A-Quan is fifty-six years old and South-American born and has two adult children of her own, Abigale and Benison. She has a wealth of knowledge compiled from her past life of which she is sharing from her current eleven publications. In addition to writing, she enjoys hair dressing, sewing, photography, boating, mountain climbing, farming, cooking, saving manuscripts, yoga, and transmeditation. She is currently in the process of publishing other works.

Front Cover - Click to see larger imageBack Cover - Click to see larger image

Price: $19.00

The Pastures of Paradise

Neville Ramdeholl

ISBN 1-4241-6081-2


An ex-British soldier finds himself caught up in a world of war and intrigue as he desperately tries to hold onto the woman he loves. The fight for survival spirals into a world of intrigue and murder. Jared Heller finds how tenuous life has become as he fights to maintain the relationship in a world quickly falling apart. The survival instincts needed to maintain life not only expose him to danger, but he learns that there is a price to pay to enjoy the pristine nature of paradise.

Front Cover - Click to see larger imageBack Cover - Click to see larger image

Price: $21.45

The Friendship of Shoes


ISBN 1-59926-041-7



In these stories the Caribbean experience is explored wherever its peoples can be found -- in the city of New York, or in the streets of Kingston, Jamaica.


"Even when words fail, sex can be relied on to tell the truth"

- J.M.Coetzee

Click here for a larger image - Front CoverClick here for a larger image - Back Cover

Price: $29.95

Timelines of Guyanese History

1498 - 2006

Lal Balkaran

ISBN 978-0-9735545-3-3


Here is another solid reference book on Guyana.  It captures key events over the years from 1498 (when Columbus first sailed past the coast) right up to 2006. There are also eight entries covering the BC era in the Amerindian section showing the movement of Guyana’s first inhabitants. Discover the history of Guyana – its people, the explorers, the politicians, the naturalists, the extraordinary feats of human accomplishments, and a host of other key issues. The information is fascinating and informative. Indeed, the amazing historical facts have been drawn from books, reports, periodicals, pamphlets, and the internet. The short format of issues and events makes for excellent reading in this era of information overload and time constraints.


With over 1500 events and issues, the book is organized by subject in chronological sequence.  The  events are categorized into:  


Amerindians, Architecture, Business, Church, Culture, Diplomatic, Economic, Education, Exploration, General (including Natural History, Royal Visits, and Philately), Georgetown, Immigration (including Indentureship), Legal, Literary, Media, Military, Mining, Music, Political, Slavery, Sports, Territorial, and Trade Unions.

Click here for larger image - Front CoverClick here for larger image - Back Cover

Price: $15.95

The Brown Curtains

Clive Sankardayal

ISBN 0-9704432-5-0 & 978-0-9704432-5-0


What happens in The Brown Curtains when a group of Guyanese professionals migrate to St. Lucia to take advantage of better pay, presents a lesson in racial, cultural and religious tolerance that has important implications for the CSME and Caribbean integration.


As one of the few West Indian novels to explore intra Caribbean migration and cultural differences among CARICOM countries, The Brown Curtains is indeed a path making work of art.


"A novel of great humor, and philosophical and political insight."
— Allan Weekes, Author of Talk of the Devil


"The Brown Curtains embroils readers in a steaming love story involving Raj, an Indo-Guyanese emigrant to St. Lucia, and Felicity, an Afro-St. Lucian beauty. The only question is whether their love can withstand the racial and religious bigotry of Raj's parents."
—Anderson Reynolds, Author of Death by Fire


"A powerful commentary on race, culture and religion, and the uncompromising influence of love... an insightful, persuasive and entertaining work of art ... Sankardayal has succeeded in producing a work of genius." — Modeste Downes, Author of Phases


"Whether you are Black, Indian, Christian, Hindu or Moslem, The Brown Curtains gently goads you in the direction of forgotten trails and alleys of the diaspora. It is a novel for everyone because it shows that adapting to a new life is the same wherever you arrive."
— Michael Aubertin, Author of Neg Maron: Freedom Fighters

Front Cover - Click for larger viewBack Cover - Click for larger view

Price: $23.95

Bibliography of Guyana and Guyanese Writers
Second Edition

with a Foreword by Jan Carew

Lal Balkaran

ISBN 0-9735545-2 & 978-0-9735545-2-6


The essential guide to books on Guyana and by Guyanese writers!


Here is the second edition of a solid guide to books written on Guyana over the years since 1596 when Sir Walter Ralegh’s volume on part of the country first appeared. It also includes books written by Guyanese and published in and out of Guyana on a range of other subjects.


This version contains almost 1,800 titles, well over 1,000 authors, and is comprehensively organized into one Index and five Appendices. It is a broad-based bibliographical reference showcasing the range of books on Guyana and by Guyanese writers.

This is invaluable work for historians and other liberal arts scholars, and others far from those fields, as it covers a full spectrum of scholarship, from novels and poetry, other literary anthologies to scientific works.  This is an invaluable resource for anyone who would want to know more about Guyana and its people.  I recommend it highly.

– Professor Jan Carew, Guyanese literary lion.  

Front Cover - Click for larger viewBack Cover - Click for a larger view

Price: $25.50

Bauxite, Sugar and Mud

Memories of Living in Colonial Guyana, 1928-1944

Patricia Wendy Dathan

ISBN 1-896754-45-7


Life in a Canadian bauxite-mining camp surrounded by tropical rainforest, where a small group of Northerners do their best to cope cheerfully with heat, snakes, wartime restrictions, and tragedies.


All my memories begin where the river flows past the wharf-like stelling where we used to swim, past the airy house on stilts where we used to live, past the hospital where I was born and the bauxite plant and office where my father used to work, past the cricket field at Cockatara where my first world ends. Down and past us the Demerara flows through the green rainforest where the tangled roots of the mangrove come down to the riverside to drink, down to the city of Georgetown and out to the wide muddy sea.

-- Patricia Wendy Dathan

Click to for a larger image of the Front CoverClick to for a larger image of the Back Cover

Price: $15.85

Cooperstown is my Mecca

Rudy A.S. Gafur

ISBN 0-9699173-0-9


Cooperstown is My Mecca is the story of a fan's passion for the National Baseball Hall of Fame and his affection for the village of Cooperstown. It tells of the author's conversion to baseball, his development as a fan and student of the history of the game, and pays tribute to baseball's unsung constituency - those largely responsible for promoting and popularizing the game - the writers and broadcasters.


The book describes the grandeur of the Hall of Fame and the author's experiences, some quite poignant, during his annual pilgrimage to the Baseball Shrine for the Induction ceremonies, over the past nine years.


For prospective visitors, a number of appendices provide information on a variety of subjects such as accommodation, food, parking, the Hall of Fame, the Baseball Library and Archive, recreational facilities and the many other attractions to be found in Cooperstown.

Throughout the book, Gafur's love for the National Pastime and his reverence for Baseball's Mecca, shine through like a beacon.


"I really enjoyed reading it .... I learned a lot about Cooperstown even though I have been there often. Gafur makes one feel when reading ... as if you are right there seeing it all happen. Anyone who plans on going to Cooperstown should read this book. It's very good."

Bobby Doerr, Hall of Famer

"The book is precise, very factual and obviously took a lot of painstaking research. I hope it meets with the success it deserves."

Ferguson Jenkins, Hall of Famer

"Rudy Gafur most certainly has to be the most influential cricketer to turn to baseball since Henry (Father) Chadwick of Britain invented the boxscore back in the game's infancy. His feel and zeal for baseball and Cooperstown are so intense and thorough, and he is so dedicated that it's too bad this grand Guyanese convert wasn't old enough to cover the first Hall of Fame induction.


Here's a Hall of Fame board member's vote for Gafur as mayor of base-ball's Brigadoon and his personal Mecca – Cooperstown."

Bob Broeg, Contributing Sports Editor, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Click here for a larger image of the front coverClick here for a larger image of the back cover

Price: US$20.25

Negative Ecstasy

The Star Trek Seductions and other Mass Deceptions

Arnold Itwaru - 2000 - Other Eye

ISBN 1-896887-01-5


The unbearable hedonistic delirium of unsated desire in the mass production of consumption as dissatisfaction.... The inverted scream in the unrelenting inauthentication of Being.... The eye which sees only as directed and assumes sight.... The search for joy in the emptiness of consumer pleasure.... The disembodied melody which reaches out into the lonely night of technological seduction.... Rage turned into a scientific pattern of repressed anger.... Loneliness in the dread of being eternally lost.... The search for the self which negates the self in which the search never-the-less continues.... The jubilant dance of deception.

Compelling, incisive analyses of the production of thought and the incarceration of the Subject in the cultural imperialism of the technocapitalist mass media and consciousness industry.

This book is a must for those who are interested in looking beyond the seductive dazzle of superficiality in mass mediated images of the self.

A.H. Itwaru lectures in the Social Sciences at York University and in Caribbean Studies at New College, University of Toronto.

Click here for a larger image of the front coverClick here for a larger image of the back cover

Price: US$19.00

Morning of Yesterday

Seven Stories

Arnold Itwaru - 1999 - Other Eye

ISBN 1-896887-00-7


The author of the classic, Shanti, brings us seven powerful, carefully chiseled lyrical involving stories of protest, lament and compassion that are soothing stirring and disturbing at the same time, as he celebrates Indian people's struggle for dignity in Guyana and abroad. Precise, yet passionate, intensely political, these stories also join moments of memory and dream in a world of multitudinous variation, often with shocking intensity, at once musical and emotionally wrenching.


"...a ruminative journey through tormented mindscapes...
...Itwaru often reads like a Gordimer, Soyinka or Achebe in his dedicated pursuit of the truth...

...and mincing not a single word, he leaves us wordless."

Sunday Observer. Delhi, India


H. Itwaru was born in Port Mourant, Guyana and resides in Toronto, Canada. A visual artist as well as an internationally published writer, he also has a Ph.D. in sociology. He writes compellingly on a wale range of subjects. In Guyana he received two national awards for his poetry. He is a part time lecturer at the University of Toronto where he has designed the Caribbean Studies Program (Minor and Major).

Click here for a larger image of the front coverClick here for a larger image of the back cover

Price: US$15.95

Home & Back

Arnold Itwaru - 2001 - TSAR Publications

ISBN 0-920661-94-7


After residing uneasily in Canada for over twenty years. Deo returns to Guyana, having dreamt always of coining home. but finds there a disconcerting homelessness where every totem of his memory has been violated. His mother is dying. He is a stranger to everyone else. There is emptiness where his father once lived. Dismay and sorrow and terror are etched in the lives of everyone around. It is within this that Deo struggles to make sense of himself. and the things which have fallen apart around him. the memory of his past clashing against a tortured present and a questionable future.

Home and Back is a powerful and merciless indictment of modem. postcolonial West Indies. At the same time Itwaru brings us a touching lyrical meditation on growth and loss. the departure from home and life lived between remembering and forgetting in an alien elsewhere. With artistic maturity and insight. ltwaru offers a visceral understanding of community and pays homage to the struggles for integrity and dignity within the vicissitudes of harsh reality.


ARNOLD HARRICHAND ITWARU is the author of the modern classic Shanti and eleven other books. He was born in Guyana and resides in Toronto, Canada. A visual artist as well, he writes compellingly on a wide range of subjects. In Guyana he received two national awards for his poetry. He is currently a lecturer at the University of Toronto. Home and Back is his thirteenth book and fourth book of fiction.

Front Cover - Click to EnlargeBack Cover - Click to Enlarge

Price: US$25.20


Colin Ninvalle - 2004 - Toucan Publishing Inc.

ISBN 0-9731418-1-6


STEREOTYPES, described by the author as "conceptual viruses", is a "must read" because of its stark association with other viral infections that have come to the forefront of public consciousness today. Stereotypes infest many of our treasured perceptions, but, curiously enough, this species of' social germs has acquired a "taken-for-granted" status in every practice. Therein lies the danger.


The book brings a fresh perspective to a topic that is sensitive, complex and difficult to manage. Mr. Ninvalle shows us the manner in which stereotypes concentrate, and indeed mutate, both within and among a combination of areas of ordinary social life and social-scientific studies: Everyday social practices, Race and Ethnic interactions and, in particular, known alternative discourses such as Marxism, Feminism and Afro-centrism. The tool he uses, "symbolic equations", allows us to picture the real nature and reach of' stereotypes, and forces us to re-examine our thinking in these and other areas.


STEREOTYPES can be overwhelming and insidious. Nevertheless, the author ends the book on a high note of optimism. This is what is unique about his approach to the subject. The spiritual face of humanity consistently comes to the surface of the analysis, especially when the author organizes his message in little stories. He reminds us that, the scourge of stereotypes is actually a "mind-made" phenomenon that can, as he believes, be completely erased from our thinking processes once we start looking at, and talking to each other more from the "heart".

Front Cover - Click to EnlargeBack Cover - Click to Enlarge

Price: US$16.00


Janet Alamelu Naidu - 2005 - Greenheart

ISBN 0-9685868-1-3


"Rainwater" is a groundbreaking work of stories in poetic form which contains a ‘glossary’ of words that remind readers of the diversity of Guyanese and Caribbean society.


A collection of 51 poems, the absorbing book begins with the long voyage of Indians traveling from India to Guyana and some of whom returned after their Indentureship contract ended. The book brings to life a recollection of a period in IndoCaribbean history with poems that invoke the imagination of travelers making their journey across the Kala Pani (dark water) and their struggles in their new place of settlement. Moreover, it highlights part of the minorities of Indians who migrated from Madras (now Chennai in Tamil Nadu). The themes of the poetry take the reader on a journey of the Caribbean experience of Indian Indentureship and their movements from place to place.

“If the poems in Winged Heart, Janet Naidu’s first volume, disclose an earnest desire to escape from colonial confinement, those in her second volume, Rainwater, revel in altogether more affectionate, balanced and lyrical evocation of her bitter-sweet Guyanese past, and its layered issues of migration, identity, love, and the role of women in the modern world..”

– Frank Birbalsingh
Professor Emeritus, Department of English, York University, Toronto, Canada

“These poems are heartbeats in ‘the tunnel of leaving and returning’. They move from birthplace to places stained in struggle and longing. Like rainwater, they are awash with cleansing light and beauty.”

– Arnold Harrichand Itwaru
Professor and Director of Caribbean Studies: New College, University of Toronto.
Poet, artist and author of the classic Shanti

“Janet Naidu’s work reads like a poetic mosaic that is specifically Indo-Caribbean and universal at the same time. Emotions and experiences such as exile, nostalgia, feminist self-assertions, cultural identity, and desire are brought to life in imagery that remains vivid, lush, sensual, and poignant.”

– Brinda J. Mehta

Professor of French and Francophone Studies: Mills College,
Oakland, California and author of Diasporic (Dis) locations: Indo-Caribbean women writers negotiate the kala pani

Front Cover - Click to EnlargeBack Cover - Click to Enlarge

Price: US$8.50


The Rise of The Phoenix in Guyana's Turbulent Politics

Edwin Ali



The ‘Rise of the Phoenix in Guyana’s Turbulent Politics’ is about the political development of British Guiana (now Guyana) from the period 1947 to 1997.

It gives a detailed account of the general elections during that period and also outlines the results for each party and the percentages won as well as the suspension of the Constitution.

Details are also given for the period 1962, 1963 and 1964 during the disturbances, the burning down of the city, the 80 day strike and the subsequent removal from office of the Peoples Progressive Party.

Photographs cover the striking employees of Bookers who opposed the Kaldor Budget, first building set on fire in Water Street on February 16, 1962 and the riot squad on Water Street, and the hand shake coalition between Peter D’Aguiar and Burnham.

It is a factual book and draws the reader to digest the significant events that shaped the history and future of the 83,000 square mile Republic on the North Eastern tip of South America.

Hazrat (Edwin) Ali was born in the then British Guiana on October 7, 1940. He is the father of five grown children and six grand children.

A journalist for 44 years, he was Editor of Caribbean Today News Magazine for nine years and later became the paper's Travel Editor. He is a former Editor of the now defunct Caribbean Lifestyles Magazine. Ali is currently Caribbean Correspondent for out of Las Vegas and Assistant Editor of Caribbean Voice newspaper. He is a former Editor in Chief of the Guyana Broadcasting Corporation, correspondent for the BBC, Reuters of London, Gemini News Service of London, Caribbean News Agency, Radio Antilles of Montserrat and Alacode of Colombia.

A graduate of the University of Guyana, he has credits in Print and Radio Communications, English, Economics, Caribbean Studies and Sociology and has had training from the British Ministry of Overseas Development, the University of the West Indies and UNESCO. He is also a graduate of Cuffy Ideological Institute and the Critchlow Labor College and is also Honorary Chairman of the Clerical and Commercial Workers Union.

Recipient of an “Excellence in Journalism” Award from the Caribbean Media Exchange in May 2002, Ali has also been honored by the Caribbean Business Network for his contribution in the field of Communications.

He has traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean and West Indies, Europe and some of the former Eastern Bloc countries North Korea and Egypt and made the pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia in 1999.

Price: US$9.50

Muslims in America After the Catastrophic Tragedy of 9/11

Edwin Ali



Muslims in America Following The Catastrophic Tragedy of 9/11 traces some of the major repercussions of the tragedy, a tragedy which has effected every household throughout the world, whether the affluent, middle class, rank and file or the lumpen proletariat.

Even now in 2005, the rippling effects are still being felt, evidently by Muslims throughout the world, especially those seeking to migrate to the United States which is seen as the bastion of democracy and the most industrialized and richest nations of the world.

Extensive quotes are taken from the Council of American Islamic Relations, CAIR which documents hundreds of incidents involving Muslims whose only crime was that they were the followers of Islam.

Front Cover - Click to EnlargeBack Cover - Click to Enlarge

Price: US$15.00

WOW - Working On Wisdom

100 Booster Shots For The Mind

Pa'Tricha Haynes · PPC Books

ISBN 0-9753755-0-4


Working On Wisdom is a simple, yet practical way to counteract or neutralize the mental confusion and fatigue that bombard us in our daily lives. This book provides a powerful tool that allows you to think deeper, reach higher, and acquire a greater state of Livingness that rises above the negative effects and circumstances of fear, sorrow, and anger. With just a few moments of your daily time and focus, you can hold onto or return to that state of being where knowledge or what is true or right is coupled with just judgment as to action. Here is the ultimate opportunity to work on your own wisdom.


The author was born and raised in Guyana, has been living in the United States for the past 25 years, and currently resides in Tampa, Florida with her daughter. She obtained her undergraduate degree from Howard University and her graduate degree from Ohio University.

Front Cover - Click to EnlargeBack Cover - Click to Enlarge

New Price: US$17.95

Click here to read a review of this book

Earthly Tribulations

J.R.Singh · Publish America

ISBN 1-4137-0487-5


EARTHLY TRIBULATIONS is a collection of essays based on social, economic and political issues. These concise analyses are based on a number of widely debated topics, aimed at refreshing our minds on past experiences and contemporary issues. They form a pragmatic view of our earthly problems relating to corrupt governments, laws, spiritual beliefs, racism, war, women’s rights, abortion, health care, poverty, sickness and death. Readers will get an opportunity to examine most of their earthly problems amid conflicting views, beliefs and desires, and to reflect on many of life’s sorrowful experiences.

J.R. SINGH was born June 29, 1953 in the town of Blenheim on the island of Leguan, Guyana. In 1977 he immigrated to Canada, where he later studied spiritual beliefs and ancient myths. Since then he has been actively writing fiction and non- fiction themes that are thoughtful and informative. He is the author of the visionary fiction novel titled The True Self.

Front Cover - Click to EnlargeBack Cover - Click to Enlarge

Price: US$14.95


Stories from Guyana - A Collection of Jumbee Tales

Rudy A.S. Gafur · Toucan Publishing

ISBN 0-9731418-2-4



Stories From Guyana: A Collection of Jumbee Tales, is an attempt to preserve what was once part of a strong oral tradition that went into decline as a result of a number of factors, including emigration and resettlement. Culled from the author’s repository of stories, all but one of the tales originated in Guyana during the heyday of the sugar plantation system. Social life on the plantation was characterized by the concentration of large numbers of workers in relatively small areas. This closeness made it easy for people to gather for story-telling.

That social structure was dismantled when workers were moved to extra-nuclear housing schemes. This dispersion, coupled with large-scale emigration, proved detrimental to story-telling as it was no longer possible to meet as before.

The author’s vivid recollection of stories that he heard more than four decades ago, is testimony to the power of folk tales in making a lasting impression on people, particularly the younger generation.

Written in a folksy style, the stories are easy to follow. Words which arc unfamiliar to the reader, are listed in a glossary and sentences containing many such words are explained in parentheses. Today, story-telling in Guyana is fast becoming a lost art and there is growing evidence that it may die altogether. Stories From Guyana aims at stemming that tide while contributing to a resurgence of folk memory.

Front Cover - Click to EnlargeBack Cover - Click to Enlarge

Price: US$13.85

What is Man?

Dudley O. Bookal · Toucan Publishing

ISBN 0-9731418-0-8


What is Man? is a treatise on the Bible. It is also an affirmation, an eloquent testimony of Dudley Bookal’s abiding belief in his religion and his God.

The book deals with all aspects of the Bible, and covers the gamut of man’s relationship with God, from creation to original sin and the eventual fall of man. Bookal takes the words and terms used in Biblical times, and breaks them down into simple, easy to understand language.

A primer for Christians and non-Christians alike, What is Man? explains in a simple manner, such subjects as God, creation, the soul, the spirit, the tri-unity of man, hell and Satan. Quotations from the Bible are interspersed throughout the book, in support of Bookal’s assertions.

In addition to being an impassioned work on Christianity, and in the process of strengthening the Creation Theory, What is Man? is an exposé of the shortcomings of the Theory of Evolution.

Front Cover - Click to EnlargeBack Cover - Click to Enlarge

Price: US$12.30

I Like Learning to Read!

Anthony S. Phillander · Toucan Publishing

ISBN 0-9731418-3-2


I Like Learning to Read! is a collection of 10 poems with themes that will appeal to children from Kindergarten to Grade 4. An illustration accompanies each poem, in order to bring out fully, the story behind the poem.


Anthony Shurland Phillander, a native of Trinidad and Tobago, is by training, an electronic technician. He spends most of his spare time pursuing his passion — poetry.

The author is a member of the Organization Of Calypso Performing Artists, Through The Seasons Literary Group and Toucan Publishing Inc. He and his wife Lystra live in Toronto.


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Price: US$31.35

GUYANA Population, Environments, Economic Activities

Robert Ramraj, Ph.D · Battleground Printing & Publishing

ISBN 0-97282925-3


Robert Ramraj was born in Guyana (the grandchild of indentured labourers) and brought up in Triumph, East Coast Demerara. He received his early education at Beterverwagting Gov’t School after which he entered the teaching profession. He taught at St. John the Baptist Anglican in Bartica, Grove Gov’t, Lusignan Gov’t, Annandale Secondary and Mackenzie High schools. After receiving degrees in Geography and Education from the University of Guyana (UG), he continued his university education in Canada (at Windsor) and the USA (at Eastern Michigan and Wisconsin-Milwaukee). After lecturing at UG, he eventually obtained a doctorate in Geography from Wisconsin-Milwaukee. His training in Geography is very diverse. His post-doctoral university career included teaching positions at Kutztown, Millersville, Winston-Salem State (WSSU) and North Carolina-Greensboro in the USA. A trained and experienced educator, he possesses Wisconsin Teacher Certification and won the Bill Sheppard Master Teacher Award for Teaching Excellence at WSSU. He currently lives in Winston-Salem, NC.

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Price: US$22.00

Cane Ripples - The Chinese in Guyana

Trev Sue-A-Quan, Ph.D · Cane Press

ISBN 0-9733557-1-9


CANE RIPPLES is a collection of short stories describing the experiences of the Chinese in British Guiana (now Guyana). Chinese were first procured to work on the cane plantations, replacing the freed slaves of African origin. Between 1853 and 1879 a total of 13,541 Chinese immigrants were introduced to the colony. By the beginning of the 20th century only about 3,000 of Chinese ancestry remained. Even though small in number — about two percent of the total population — the Chinese made significant contributions and were recognized as one of the six main ethnic groups that constitute Guyana’s people.


Vibert C. Cambridge, Ph.D., writes: Dr. Trev Sue-A-Quan must be congratulated for compiling this important book. Cane Ripples is more than a collection of stories about the experiences of the Chinese diaspora in Guyana. It uses oral histories, personal recollections, photographs, and archival materials to illuminate an important aspect of Guyana's complex history. . . Cane Ripples is an integrated work that expresses the joy and pains experienced by a vital sector of Guyanese society during the 20th century.

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Price: US$22.00

Cane Reapers - Chinese Indentured Immigrants in Guyana

Trev Sue-A-Quan, Ph.D · Cane Press

ISBN 0-9733557-0-0


CANE REAPERS  is the story about the Chinese who were procured to replace the emancipated slaves on the sugar plantations of Guyana (then British Guiana). Between 1853 and 1879 a total of 13,541 indentured labourers arrived from China but by 1900 the resident Chinese population was down to 3,000. The tribulations and triumphs of the Chinese immigrants reveal human nature in times of hardship and alienation. In the process of assimilation into Western culture some unique names have evolved for Chinese families, creating both a mystery and a topic of fascination for their descendants and for genealogists.

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Price: US$16.75

The USA in South America and Other Essays
Cheddi Jagan · 1998 · Hansib Publishing Ltd
ISBN 1-870518-81-0

"The essays are very much a product of their time. Much has changed since they were written in ways that would have defied prediction, even of the most visionary. While they are a useful testament to history, they are also, like histories composed not as distant academic exercises but as the immediate cri de coeur of those in battle, full of optimism, far beyond any reasonable expectation, strangely insightful of what lies in the future. For example, not withstanding the darkness portrayed of the Reagan cold war era, Jagan found a ray of light opening up for a return to détente and peaceful co-existence. And, even more remarkable, saw at that time the convergence of such a potential world development together with the self alienation of PNC supporters, brought about by economic collapse and revolting electoral dishonesty, as providing the basis for change in Guyana. This is then history and prescience born out of whole-hearted dedication to social justice, and sharpened by frustration, anger and deep emotion."

Havelock Brewster

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Price: US$14.25

Cheddi Jagan - Selected Speeches 1992 - 1994
Cheddi Jagan · 1995 · Hansib Publishing Ltd
ISBN 1-870518-49-7

This volume contains recent speeches by Guyanese President Cheddi Jagan, one of the world's outstanding political leaders. They testify to his integrity of vision and his eloquent concern for the potential as well as the plight of the Guyanese people. The crippling burden of foreign debt and its disturbing impact on human development is highlighted as are problems faced by the country after twenty-eight years of rule by the People's National Congress (PNC). What emerges finally is, above all, President Jagan's optimism regarding the future of his country and the wider Caribbean region; an optimism rooted in his perception of the potential of Caribbean peoples for survival, creativity and renewal.

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Price: US$13.85

Forbidden Freedom, The Story of British Guiana
Cheddi Jagan · 3rd Edition, 1994 · Hansib Publishing Ltd
ISBN 1-870518-37-3

First published in 1954 Dr Jagan's 'Story of British Guiana' appeared in the aftermath of the military intervention that removed from office the democratically elected government of which hewas Premier. Dr Jagan showed how this fitted in to both the colonial policy of Britain and the 'Cold War' spearheaded by the United States. It includes an analysis of "Labour and the Colonies" and shows who are the genuine and who are the false democrats.

In the epilogue to this third edition Cheddi Jagan said: "Forty years after FORBIDDEN FREEDOM was written, I feel justified about the conclusion I made in another book, THE WEST ON TRIAL, where I said: 'The struggle will be Ion and hard. Sacrifices will be many. But history and time are on our side. An win we will'."

The new epilogue is the last chapter in this new edition of Cheddi Jagan's FORBIDDEN FREEDOM, but it is laden with ideas and plans for a new Guyana and its people.

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Price: US$17.00

River Ways
Gena Fiedtkou

A 29-page collection of short stories and poems from this budding Guyanese author. Stories include 'When the River is Angry', 'The Boat Builder', and 'Face Off With a Tiger'. Poems include 'Summer Love', 'My River Queen' and 'Caribbean Feelings'.

"For me, the most beloved part of Guyana is my birthplace, the Upper Demerara River which the reader will see from the poem 'My River Queen'. This poem was entered in the contest by the National Library of Poetry and declared a semi-finalist. -- Gena Fiedtkou".

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Price: US$14.95

The True Self
J.R.Singh · 2001 · Writers Club Press/
ISBN 0-595-19197-5

A thoughtful, informative and inspiring book on mysticism, fiction, philosophy, spiritual beliefs and some practical realities of life.

"The True Self" contains two inspiring stories which are a synthesis of fiction, mysticism, spiritual beliefs and some practical realities of life. In these stories about life in a bittersweet experience, readers will be taken on a spiritual journey as expressed through fictional characters who are struggling with the universal quest for understanding of self (Who am I? Why am I here? etc.)

This book promotes human goodness, and can be used for meaningful family discussions on subjects pertaining to theology, statutory laws, and morality based on philosophical reasoning. These topics are carefully woven into the stories so as to encourage readers to think rationally, and to contemplate about their own personal experiences in life.

Author Jagdish R. Singh was born on June 29, 1953 in the town of Blenheim on the island of Leguan, Guyana. In 1977, he immigrated to Canada where he later studied spiritual beliefs and ancient mythology. Since then he has been actively writing adult fiction and children stories.

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New Price:

Julie Mango
N.D.Williams · 2000 · Xlibris Corporation
ISBN 0-7388-1785-6
N.D. Williams (a former teacher at St. Stanislaus College in the 1960s) has written stories that expose the realities of life for migrants who make Toronto or New York their new home. Julie Mango continues that genre of writing which began with the stories of Sam Selvon and V. S. Naipaul, stories that remind us of the price we pay when we leave home in search of happiness; stories of triumphs and disappointments, our stubborn hope, our loves and hurried lives. Williams writes with great sympathy for his characters and their private worlds.

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Price: US$11.25

The Alligator Ferry Service
and Other Stories from Guyana

Janet Jagan · 2001 · Harpy
ISBN 0-9684059-3-2

“The Alligator Ferry Service and other Stories From Guyana” is a 32 page full colour book, collection of stories, written by Janet Jagan, which will delight children all over the world and give them a sense of the magical beauty of Guyana's (South America) landscape and the humanity of its people. You will meet an enterprising alligator who sets up a ferry service, a hummingbird who saves the lives of the mighty Harpy Eagle's babies, a haughty green cat, Rima, a singing sea-bird, an animal fashion show and many, many more interesting animal characters.

Set in Guyana, these stories of brave, ingenious, kindly and sometimes playful animals and children use humour, mystery and excitement to provide a strong framework of positive human values. A new Canadian illustrator, Elizabeth Burke whose illustrations are so real to life that they bring these exotic animals to life for children, illustrates the stories.

"A collection o fstories which will delight children all over the world and give them a sense of the magical beauty of Guyana's landscape and the humanity of its people" -- David Dabydeen

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Price: US$11.25

A New Global Human Order
Cheddi Jagan · 2001 · Harpy
ISBN 0-9684059-2-4

This volume contains a collection of speeches and writings made between 1993-1996 by the late President of Guyana, Dr. Cheddi Jagan, in which he put forward his ideas for a New Global Human Order where the primacy of human development is the guiding principle. He was convinced that with a coordinated international effort, poverty and hunger could be eradicated in our lifetime. Throughout his life Cheddi Jagan fought for the poor, marginalized, oppressed and suppressed peoples of Guyana and the world at large. His proposals for a New Global Human Order are his legacy to the world. On November 24, 2000 a Resolution on the Role of the United Nations in promoting a New Global Human Order was adopted by consensus.

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Price: US$19.00

The West on Trial: My Fight for Guyana's Freedom
Cheddi Jagan · 1997 · Hansib Caribbean
ISBN 976-8163-08-9

Dr. Cheddi Jagan was democratically elected to govern in 1953, 1957, 1961 and again in 1992 when he became Guyana’s first freely elected President. In 1953, just after 133 days in office, his government was deposed by the British colonialists, and again in 1964 by electoral machinations and destabilization carried out by a combined operation of opposition forces and the CIA. His struggles and ideas are clearly captured in this autobiographical work. There is a new epilogue written just before his death in March 1997. It is a virtual textbook of the anti-colonial struggle and necessary reading material for anyone wanting to understand the history of Guyana and any developing country.

"Of great importance. Not only interesting but valuable -- Times Literary Supplement, London"

"A first-hand, eyewitness account of imperialism in action. He writes with illumination and with an enviable command of facts an figures -- People's World, San Francisco."

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Price: US$14.00

Guyana at the Millennium Crossroads: A Psychosocial Perspective
Malcolm W. Heydorn · 2000 · M & L Counselling
ISBN 0-9687238-0-2

The author, Malcolm W. Heydorn was born in Georgetown, Guyana, and resided in both Georgetown and New Amsterdam. At the present time he is a professor of Psychology and Gerontology, at a post secondary institution in Canada.

Because of his concern for his country of birth, and unable to find any written work that truly explains the social malaise and disjointedness of his original homeland, the author set about to do just that in his book "Guyana at the Millennium Crossroads: A Psychosocial Perspective." In this book which is in colour, he takes the position that the current country's political decadence and social unrest, are products of its post emancipation experiences, which in turn inevitably led to the development of stereotypes and prejudices that became rooted in ethnicity. The effects of these stereotypes and prejudices took approximately one and a half centuries to erupt into the unrest and disjointedness of the last fifty years.

The author offers a diagnosis and prognosis of the dilemma, and suggests techniques to diffuse the situation, leading to greater prosperity for this land in turmoil.

Some comments by readers....

"an honest view of the situation, easy to read as it is written in layman's language."

"should be read by every Guyanese school child."

"should be placed in every school in Guyana"

"a pleasure to read, and enlightening too."

"book ought to be taken seriously by Guyanese politicians"

Front Cover - Click to EnlargeBack Cover - Click to Enlarge

Price: US$14.00

Winged Heart
Janet Almelu Naidu · 1999 · Greenheart
ISBN 0-9685868-0-5
Winged Heart is Janet Almelu Naidu's first book of poetry. It is a collection of poems of love, power, and ancestral memories. Set in the poet's birth country, Guyana and new home, Canada, the weaving of emotional connections is captured in layers of meaning that illuminate an understanding of migration, tragedy, and resilience. The healing elements of human survival and continuity form a thread throughout the poems. Experiencing Winged Heart is to throw yourself upon wings in rhapsody, to a space where looking into the past offers a promise of healing in the present.

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