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April 22, 2018

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Thank you for visiting the Bookstore on Guyana Outpost. Before you continue your shopping, please take a moment to review the important note below.

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Not including the additional S&H will likely result in delayed shipment of your order.

Price: US$14.00

"Mash Fever"
Tropical Waves Production
MASH FEVER, Slingshot's fifth CD, centers on Guyana's Mashramani carnival celebration. Among the songs are 'Mash Fever', 'Pirates', 'Dr. Slingshot', 'Tek Ah Taste', 'Harry & Millie', 'My El Dorado Dream', 'Wake Up My Guyana', 'Lazy Man', 'Golden Locket', and 'A Very Merry Guyanese Christmas'.

'Pirates' brings to the open the unbridled piracy of intellectual property and how rampant it is in especially Guyana, where copyright laws are not properly enforced. 'Dr. Slingshot' is a take on Guyana's Michelle 'Big Red' King's very popular 2004 song 'Baacanal Fever'. This composition also brings into play Cyd Hooper's 'Linkin', and Compton Hodge's 'Balloon'. 'Wake Up My Guyana' was Slingshot's 2004 Road March song. Its patriotic message is very clear and the imagery superb. There is a bonus selection added to the selection. 'Tanzania' is a rewritten song done especially for the African country of Tanzania. The music was also redone completely. The CD 'Mash Fever' brings together the celebration that is symbolic with Mashramani.

All the songs are written, composed and arranged by John and Ingrid DrePaul. Frankie McIntosh of St. Vincent assists with the musical arrangement. Slingshot participates regularly at the major West Indian Carnival celebrations around the world. Check him out and support his music.

Sample Clips: Pirates | Dr.Slingshot | Tek Ah Taste | Mash Fever | Golden Locket | Harry & Millie | Beautiful Island Girl | Wake Up, My Guyana | El Dorado Dream | You Are Not Alone | Lazy Man | Very Merry Guyanese Christmas | Tanzania

Front Cover - Click to EnlargeBack Cover - Click to Enlarge

Price: US$14.00

"Jump For Carnival"
Tropical Waves Production

JUMP FOR CARNIVAL with Slingshot is a collection of witty songs for your listening and dancing pleasure!

Sample Clips: Jump fuh Carnival | Harry Ram | Tek a Taste | Love on Carnival Day | Nani & Nani | Golden Locket | Energy Solution | Run! Just Run! | Annabelle Come Dance

Front Cover - Click to EnlargeBack Cover - Click to Enlarge

Price: US$14.00


"Home Sweet Home"
Tropical Waves Production

HOME SWEET HOME is dedicated to my Guyanese people at home and abroad. "Your praises I'll sing out loud ..! And walk with my head high and proud...! No matter where I may roam, You're my Home: Sweet Home...!"

Sample Clips: Berbice River Crossing | Berbice Gyal | Christmas in Guyana | Home Sweet Home | Why? | Its Not Too Late | There Was a Time | My Beautiful Island Girl | Oh Babe! | You Make Me Happy | No. 63 Beach | Island of Dreams | Just a Dream

Front Cover - Click to EnlargeBack Cover - Click to Enlarge

Price: US$14.00

"Sweet Island Woman"
John DrePaul
Tropical Waves

Slingshot, a one-man entertainer/musician/singer from Guyana, South America, intent on spreading Caribbean music and culture, has put together a special blend of fast-paced soca, tantalizing calypso and island rhythms in this SWEET ISLAND WOMAN CD. The music is well arranged by Maestro Frankie McIntosh from St. Vincent.

There is music for all occasions! There is Caribana Jam for Toronto's Caribana, Parkway Jam Party and Labor Day Bachanal for Brooklyn's Eastern Parkway Labor Day Carnival. Of course, the Jamaican Reggae beat is felt in Ragga On Tonight, Broken Dreams, and Since You've Gone.

Sample Clips: Sweet Island Woman | In De Moonlight | Ragga On Tonight | Bicycle Built For Two | Caribana Jam | Labor Day Bachanal | Parkway Jam Party | Land Of Sunshine | Since You've Gone

Front Cover - Click to EnlargeBack Cover - Click to Enlarge

Price: US$14.00

Remembering (Beeda's Song)
John DrePaul
Tropical Waves

REMEMBERING cuts very close to Slingshot. The songs were written and selected for his late wife. In fact the CD is dedicated to her. For anyone who has lost a dear one, hopefully, you can find solace in the soothing rhythms of the title tune.

Sample Clips: Remembering | Broken Dreams | Since You've Gone | Remembering (inst.) | Island Of Dreams | Tropical Waltz | Ma & Pa | No More Heartaches | Am I Losin' You | Tell Me Goodbye

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