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April 22, 2018

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There comes a time in most of our lives when we read of something in the newspaper or see something on TV which touches us, and reminds us how lucky we really are.

Others are not as fortunate as we are, and reading the news we realise that there are many people in Guyana and in other parts of the world who are suffering.

Can we significantly reduce the poverty and suffering in Guyana? Probably not, for it takes all sorts of efforts, as well as good government, to effect real long-term change.

What we can do is occasionally try and make a difference in one person's or one family's life, especially when it seems that all hope might be lost.

That is the intent of the fundraising component of Guyana Outpost.

The Approach

From time to time, a situation arises where there is a desperate need by a person or a family in Guyana, for financial help. Guyana Outpost is not involved with continual fundraising for any one organization or charity, but is more interested in giving emergency financial assistance when needed.

Once that particular target is established, a fund-raising drive will be started, and donations to that cause would be requested.

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Donations can be made via PayPal by secure credit card payment or by transfer of funds from the donor's PayPal account.

Donations can also be sent by Money Order cashable in the US please.

No personal cheques please.

Previously, Guyana Outpost used a pledge then pay system, which gave rise to an additional administrative burden.

So now, donations sent through PayPal will generate an emailed receipt from PayPal. Donations sent by Money Order will get an emailed receipt from Guyana Outpost.

After a specific period of time, or whenever the target funds have been achieved, the drive will be closed and the funds will be sent to Guyana, to be delivered directly to the needy individual or family, on behalf of Guyana Outpost.

The costs for transferring the funds (Paypal fees and expenses incurred in cashing money orders) will come from money collected. Any fundraising goal is exclusive of those charges. In other words, the goal is what we hope to deliver into the hand of the recipient.

Any follow up to the fund-raising drive would be posted on this page for all donors to peruse.

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Current Fundraiser for Slingshot

‘Slingshot' seriously hurt during Mash parade

Click to enlarge - Slingshot during Mash 2007, before falling from this dray cart
Slingshot during Mash 2007, after falling from this dray cart. unknown to his many fans and well-wishers, he was being propped up at the time and was in great pain.

Sustaining three broken bones in the lower back after a dray cart fall, overseas-based Guyanese artiste John ‘Slingshot' Drepaul still managed to prop himself up and wave to his many fans at Friday's massive Mash Day celebrations.

The singer\entertainer fell from his gaily decorated dray cart as he attempted to wave to GINA's Niaz Subhan in front of Guyenterprise, at Irving Street , and broke the bones in his lower back.

In a bedside interview at the Le Meridien Pegasus Hotel, Drepaul, amid painful gasps, gave a blow by blow account of the Mash Day mishap.

As crowds cheered wildly, the native of Corentyne, East Berbice , stood up on the horse drawn cart adorned in a purple king's robe and matching headwear. Shouts of “Slingshot, we love you” rang out as Drepaul flung decorated beads along the route, much to the delight of those watching.

At around 15:00 hrs, after the dray cart had halted amidst cheering crowds, he stepped to the rear to acknowledge waving fans when the horse, startled by the raucous noises, reared into the air, throwing the singer flat on his rump.

Yesterday, he related that he lost his speech for over five minutes as searing pain ripped through his entire body. Fearing he had broken his spine, he said, he wriggled his toes and was elated when they moved a little.

As the fans flocked the fallen hero, his bodyguards, Laurex John of the Federal Management System and ‘Terry' of the Le Meridien Pegasus Hotel, flew to his aid and assisted him onto the cart.

Though it may have appeared to onlookers that he was maybe limping, he was actually being hoisted by the guards, since his feet could not give him justice.

As his lyricist, ‘Ingrid,' and Stanford, from his Mash camp, placed ice on and supported his lower back, the pain stricken entertainer, determined to please his fans, moved on down the line to loud screams from his supporters.

A cameraman, Noel Harlequin, alerted the Police to his predicament, and they created an avenue through the crowds so that Drepaul could get free access to the National Park.

“I was experiencing intolerable, excruciating pain. At times I felt as if I was going to faint, but my fans mean more than life to me; so, as my dear friends supported my back and sides, I hoisted myself with both hands to avoid laying any weight on the injury.

“It was terrible, especially when I removed a hand to wave to the fans, but I endured it all; I wanted my fans to be happy”.

Right through the interview, his bedside telephone rang off the hook with fans, other supporters, and the hotel's management, wanting to make sure he was alive and well.

On Mash Day, Drepaul still paused to give his customary salute to the folks at the GDF Camp Ayanganna, and he even squeezed a smile through his apparent pain.

After the wild cheering from those in the National Park, the Police stopped all traffic as he was whisked from the cart and escorted by Pegasus's manager, Bert Plas, to Dr. Balwant Singh's Hospital.

He has been ordered to keep off his feet for six weeks. Drepaul says that he could be using the time to get work going on his 2008 ‘Mash Fever' costume and float launch.

Kaieteur News - Feb.25, 2007

Updates on Slingshot's Condition

March 31, 2007 - Slingshot continues on the mend. Fundraiser results - Slingshot sent an email to WGML saying (excerpted)--

My dear List,

It is a very wonderful feeling - and relief - to be once again seated behind the computer and corresponding with my extended "family".

I send you greetings, and thank you all so very much for what you've done for me (and my immediate family) during my unfortunate "absence".  My forever gratitude

The best(est) news ever given to me since the accident was on Thurs, March 29.  The orthopedic surgeon who examined me (X-ray, as, according to him, the costly MRI was not necessary) opined corrective surgery is not in the present or future picture.

So, as of Monday, I am on my way to progressive walks, light and moderated calisthenics, minus any rash and sudden twists and turns!!! ;-))

I want to publicly thank Cherisse for the inner strength she displayed during my (and Ingrid's) absence in keeping the home and her siblings together, as well as staying the course and keep abreast in her tertiary striving, and for being my "lifeline" to WGML.  I say, with modesty, she is a fine example of "charity beginning at home" to all her age-group of what we, in the Diaspora and in some in Guyana, were once taught by our elders.

Again, it is good to be back!

Best regards ...

John "Slingshot" DrePaul

Here are the Fundraiser's results --

Donor #  Amount   PayPal fee   Donation   Running Balance  PayPal %
1  $  55.00  $      1.90  $  53.10  $             53.10 3.455%
2  $  25.00  $      1.03  $  23.97  $             77.07 4.120%
3  $300.00  $      9.00  $291.00  $           368.07 3.000%
4  $  60.00  $      2.64  $  57.36  $           425.43 4.400%
5  $  50.00  $      1.75  $  48.25  $           473.68 3.500%
6  $  25.00  $      1.03  $  23.97  $           497.65 4.120%
7  $300.00  $      9.00  $291.00  $           788.65 3.000%
8  $    8.00  $      0.53  $    7.47  $           796.12 6.625%
9  $  50.00  $      1.75  $  48.25  $           844.37 3.500%
10  $  20.00  $      0.88  $  19.12  $           863.49 4.400%
11  $  50.00  $      1.75  $  48.25  $           911.74 3.500%
12  $  50.00  $      1.75  $  48.25  $           959.99 3.500%
13  $100.00  $      3.20  $  96.80  $        1,056.79 3.200%
14  $  50.00  $      1.75  $  48.25  $        1,105.04 3.500%
15  $100.00  $      4.20  $  95.80  $        1,200.84 4.200%
16  $  25.00  $         -    $  25.00  $        1,225.84 0.000%
17  $100.00  $         -    $100.00  $        1,325.84 0.000%

In an effort to minimize further loss due to fees, a cheque was sent to John on March 31, 2007 in the amount of US$1325.84. Way to go donors!

March 26, 2007 - Slingshot continues to recuperate - The following is an announcement by Slingshot's daughter.

Here is an update on the condition of John "Slingshot" DrePaul, one month after his unfortunate and dreadful accident during the February 23, 2007 Mashramani celebrations in Guyana. 

He still experiences sharp pains from the broken bones in his lower back, especially when he lies on the bed for long periods.  However, he is encouraged with his walks inside the home while holding on to chairs, the wall, and anything that he can place his hands on.  He is determined to be up and walking around as he did before the accident. 

Emails are read to him daily, and he thanks everyone for such, as he loves hearing from friends, fans, and well-wishers.  You can contact him through the following:;;;  Also, you can visit his website ( and send him your message by visiting his "guestbook".

I am including for your interest and convenience some articles that appeared in the local newspapers and on the internet.

March 13, 2007 - Slingshot returns to the US - The following is a part of a post made to WGML by Slingshot's daughter on his behalf.

He and my Mom have returned to Florida and are presently making preparations for his admittance to a Florida hospital. He insisted that it is not done immediately (on the day he arrived) as he wanted to make sure "our house and all legal matters are in order and all the necessary things are in place just in case I have to be surgically prodded."

He sincerely thanks Mr. Wayne and all the members of the WGML family for their prayers, spiritual support, and "efforts on his behalf". He did not explain to all of us what he meant by "efforts on his behalf", as he said you all would know.

He wishes to expressly thank Mr. Topgun, Anna Iles, and Mr. Andre Razah for both their thoughtfulness and supportive "efforts on his behalf". Such was very timely. He continued that Messer's Topgun's and Andre's visit was very much appreciated.

He expresses gratitude to Ms Jill Persaud for her bedside visit and frequent phone calls.

To Ms Devi Fung he wants her to know that her frequent visits and physical support at his "Welcome to Guyana" Mash Camp were much appreciated and most welcomed.

To Mr. Veecock, Professor Parb Singh, and to you, Mr. Wayne, he said your long-distance phone call were both timely and most welcomed during his bed-stay.

I have read to him the many, many emails and posts that transpired during his regrettable accident. He relays to you that they will be kept close to his heart and hope someday to greet you not as "cyber" family.

And to Ms Nadia, we (Slingshot's immediate family) especially thank you and also all the members of the WGML family very much for your support and love.

They are the best medicine for him presently!

March 10, 2007 - Wayne Moses - Contrary to what was reported in Kaieteur News on March 4, 2007, Slingshot did not leave Guyana on Monday March 5, 2007. I just spoke to him in the Le Meridien Pegasus in Georgetown and here is my report --

I just got off the phone with John this morning and he and Ingrid are in great spirits.

He had just taken his first few steps since the fall, gingerly walking 6 feet, before resting again. Ingrid is there to make sure that he does not overdo it.

He has been seen by another doctor -- not the original one who recommended the 6 weeks bed rest and no travel -- and this second doctor is of the opinion that if all goes well up to 6:00 PM today, he can make plans to leave Guyana for the US as soon as he wants to go.

He will then continue to get medical attention when in the US, to repair the three crushed bones -- one in the thorax and two in the lower back. There was no injury to the spinal cord nor apparently the spine.

So today we have something to cheer about.

Wayne Moses, Guyana Outpost

One more thing before you go ...

Did you know you could buy Slingshot's music online? Just visit the Guyana Outpost Music Store or the Tropical Waves Store and make your purchase today.

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The Fundraising Drive for Slingshot is now CLOSED. Thanks to all contributors!



The Fundraising Drive for assistance to the Jennifer Khan family was closed as of July 31, 2000.

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