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May 22, 2018

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Welcome to Guyana Outpost!


Guyana, formerly British Guiana, is the only English-speaking country in South America, and its neighbours are Venezuela, Brazil, and Suriname (formerly Dutch Guiana) to the west, south and east respectively. Although on the South American continent, Guyana is regarded as the only country in the West Indies -- the rest of the West Indies are island states.

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A really new view for consideration

Why is Guyana the way it is?

What is wrong with Teixiera's call to boycott certain businesses?

In the dragon's sight

Letter to the President on Crime in Guyana

St.Rose's High School Needs Urgent Rehabilitation

Anti-corruption Toolkit

Iz wah gyin' an in awee country today??!!!! Don't Miss The Boat, Bharat
Guyanese Heroes
Visiting Guyana 30 Years later!

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Mash 2009 pictures


Mash 2009

Mash 2006

Guyana Folk Fest 2003 Highlights
Norm On Cricket
Spreading the word in South America
Scenes from Easter 2000
Memories of Jonestown
XCL Expeditions 2000
ZSSD Conservation Field Trip to Guyana

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How Do I ...?

So you are going to Guyana and need to know how to renew your passport or apply for a new one. Or maybe you need to know how to arrange that special hinterland holiday. Here is a good place to start.

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Photo Album

Yellow Hibiscus

This Guyana Photo Album contains many photos of Guyanese landmarks, flora and fauna, as well as links to other web sites carrying other photos.

Kaieteur Falls -- The highest straight drop (741 ft) waterfall in the world

News Headlines

Friday, April 22 2011

Soldier charged with manslaughter

Twenty-three year-old Guyana Defence Force Lance Corporal, Curt Belgrave, appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court yesterday, to face a charge of manslaughter. The soldier allegedly shot and killed Venezuelan Jose Arturo Castilla Balcazar, called “Colombian” at Wenamu River in the vicinity of Eteringbang last Saturday.

Jinxed Supenaam Stelling re-opens to ferry traffic

Ferry traffic to the Supenaam Stelling which went down earlier this week has resumed after more repairs were effected.

Non performing contractors will be terminated

Close to 45 percent of infrastructural projects in the Drainage and Irrigation (D&I) sector are behind schedule and a number of them had to be retendered because of poor performance of the contractors and the termination of contracts as a result.

Transport and Habours boss sent on leave

A senior official, charged with responsibility for the country’s stellings and ferry operations has been sent on leave.

Canadian shooting suspect handed over to Canadian Police

Looked ‘relieved

Early Friday, Joshua Warner, 22, was handed over to Hamilton Canadian police detectives in Georgetown, Guyana. He was flown back to Canada under escort later that afternoon and was scheduled to appear in court shortly after.

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Guyana Diary Highlights

Guyana Diary is no longer being compiled by Dr.Ishmael. Read the last issue.

Mailing Lists

Subscribe to Wayne's Guyana Mailing List

Wayne's Guyana Mailing List (WGML) is an offshoot of the Guyana Outpost website.

It is a moderated mailing list, in which issues of interest to Guyanese and friends of Guyana are freely discussed. Everyone is welcome, regardless of nationality, age, or other factors.

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I hope that "One, one dutty build dam" is more descriptive of this web site than "Monkey dress e pickney till he spoil am". Note: this is a third-party collection of proverbs, and is not administered by Guyana Outpost.

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Guyana has a rich tradition when it comes to folklore. Many can remember the tales of Old Higue, Bacoo, Massacouraman, and others. This is intended to be a repository of Guyanese folklore -- artwork, tales, definitions, etc.

If you can help me with this endeavour, please email me.

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Last Lap Lime

The Mittelholzer Foundation


This is a comprehensive collection of over 400 recipes from Guyana and the Caribbean, assembled from various sources including emails, the WGML Mailing List, and from memory.

Recipes range from the Classic to the esoteric. A FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page is also provided to help with questions regarding meal suggestions, ingredients, terminology used in some of the recipes, and much more.

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Click to read,104kB

Moruca Embroidery by the Amerindian women from the Santa Rosa and Waramuri communities.

Click to read, 127kB

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Miss Universe Guyana 2010 Tamika Henry 

Tamika Henry

Miss Guyana Universe 2010

Miss World Guyana 2010 Aletha Shepherd 

Aletha Shepherd

Miss Guyana World 200910


What's Hot

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