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April 22, 2018

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This web page features causes of a non-commercial and not-for-profit nature, and are for the sole benefit of those seeking assistance in Guyana or in support of Guyana or Guyanese. Please take a moment to consider whether you can help, or maybe you know of someone who can -- please pass the word along.

Listings on this page are free and, in all respects, at the discretion of the webmaster. Items will remain on the page for a reasonable period of time and will be removed once the need has passed or web space no longer allows.

This service is not directly related to Guyana Outpost Fundraising. For further information on any feature, please contact the person requesting the listing.

If you would like to submit a feature asking assistance of the readership of Guyana Outpost, please email the details.

Woman in plea for brain tumour surgery

Saturday, October 23rd 2004

A woman is seeking assistance for an urgent operation to remove a brain tumour which doctors say could lead to paralysis and coma.

Mother of four, 52-year-old Norma Barry of Turkeyen is asking the general public for assistance in having the tumour surgically removed.

Barry said last November she went to bed and woke up at the St Joseph Mercy Hospital where she spent five days.

Six months later in May the same thing happened. At that time she said her doctor, Dr John Fredericks asked her if she could afford to do a brain scan after which she went to Woodlands Hospital where it was discovered she had a tumour.

Barry said her husband asked their pastor about the situation and he told her to check with another doctor at the Davis Memorial Hospital and Clinic. There is where she met Dr Richard Spann.

Spann informed her he could not read the scan as it was and informed her that she should go to Trinidad and Tobago for a MRI scan that would cost somewhere in the region of US$750.

The woman said she went a week later to Trinidad where after doing the scan Dr Spann advised her of the need for urgent surgery. Without the surgery she would continue to experience seizures which would become more severe. The estimated cost of the surgery is US$15,000.

Though the Ministry of Health has offered her some assistance she still needs a lot more help. She is therefore appealing to the general public to assist her in any way possible. She can be contacted on telephone number 222-3258.

'Time bomb' mother needs $$ for US medical treatment

Friday August 13, 2004

A young, ailing mother from Mocha-Arcadia who was described as a medical time bomb is appealing to the public for assistance to go overseas for treatment.

Joy Ann Simon was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness that causes heavy bleeding in the brain. She has so far raised US$12,000 and is in need of US$1000 more to seek medical treatment in the US later this month.

The young mother of two has suffered constant seizures and is presently experiencing pain around the eye along with stomach aches. Dr. John Ward of the International Children's Hospital (IHC) pointed out that she could die anytime if nothing is done.

A release from the National Communications Network (NTN) television said Simon was the beneficiary of public donations from two telethons held at the station, which brought in about US$5,000. North American Airlines, the NIS, the government and other contributors donated funds.

Simon and her mother are expected to leave the country on August 19. Anyone wishing to make a contribution can contact Lloyd Roberts at telephone number, 614-5031 or NCN at 227-1566 or 226-0116-7.

Government should raise the legal age of consent

Wednesday, June 2nd 2004

Dear Editor,

Some of us are so saddened by the plight of Mrs Hamid and her daughter, so sickened by the behaviour of Mr Khan and so traumatised that our Government and authorities seem helpless or unwilling to help the Hamids, that we feel the need to be heard.

Below is a petition that has been signed by a few of us and we are asking others to sign if they feel as moved as we are.

The petition is currently available at Creations Craft or you can send an e-mail to or in support of same.


We, the undersigned citizens of Guyana, petition the Government of Guyana to act immediately to protect children in Guyana from sexual predators by raising the legal age of consent to 16, wording the new law so that it applies to the conduct of adults preying on children.

Yours faithfully,

Beverley Harper
Denise Dias

[The above is a letter to the Editor of the Stabroek News newspaper]

Books For Linden Public Library

Books for Linden Public Library

I have collected approx. 7,000 books for the Linden Public Library in Guyana. As you can imagine, the cost of shipping such a large quantity (almost 1 ton) of books will be quite high if I undertake it by myself. As such I am seeking partners to support me in getting the books from the USA to Guyana.

I have received shipping assistance from the Caribbean Shipping Association (CSA) and member company (Sea Freight Agencies) who will take the books from Miami to Georgetown free of charge. I however need some support in getting the books from New Jersey to Miami. Can you assist me in getting a Guyanese/Caribbean shipper to have their US based operations transport the books from New Jersey to Miami at no cost?

I conceived and implemented the project which required me to collect books from New York, New Jersey, Ohio & Michigan. I have enclosed a link to the article on the CSA website.

Any and all assistance you can render will be greatly appreciated.

Michael D. Johnson, P.E.
Vollmer Associates
(212) 366-5600 - Phone
(212) 366-5629 - Fax
February 24, 2003

[Feature requested by: Michael Johnson]

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