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April 22, 2018

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Wayne's Guyana Mailing List


Wayne's Guyana Mailing List (WGML) is an offshoot of Guyana Outpost.

It is a subscriber-only moderated mailing list, in which issues of interest to Guyanese and friends of Guyana are freely discussed. Everyone is welcome, regardless of nationality, age, or other factors.

It also may be used, from time to time, to bring subscribers up-to-date on the latest happenings on Guyana Outpost. It will not be used to disseminate news otherwise available on my (or any other) web site.

Since it is a public forum, viewable on a world-wide basis, the image of Guyanese should be important to participants in WGML.

There is only one guiding principle: Be nice, stay on topic, and don't waste bandwidth.


Included are:

  1. Any and all discussions relating directly or obliquely to Guyana, being Guyanese, or things Guyanese;
  2. Notices from Guyana Outpost.

Excluded are:

Any and all postings contrary to 1) above, and which detract from the ambience of the mailing list will be considered "off topic" and will be discouraged.

Off topic posts are further defined as, and are not limited to:

  • spam;
  • frivolous postings;
  • wanton and repeated regurgitations of complete articles otherwise readily available on the Internet.


  1. Be respectful of other list participants. Arguments (as in debates) are fair game. Quarrels and belligerent behaviour are not. There will be no personal attacks -- direct or indirect. Also, innuendoes of personal attacks to other members of WGML are seen to be contrary to the spirit of WGML, and will not be allowed. The contents of this list should be relaxing and not stressful.
  2. Stay on topic.
  3. Try to make the text of the subject fit the body of the posting, and if the thread changes mid-course, please feel free to change the Subject header. This helps those of us who don't have as much time as others reading List mails.
  4. Set your target for quoted material to around 50%. Remove all excess baggage (irrelevant quoted material, footers, quoted signatures, etc.) from your replies. Leave only lines directly pertinent to your reply. This rule is strictly enforced.
  5. Post only material that applies or could apply to two or more list participants. Any material which applies only one other list participant should be moved off the list to private email.
  6. Messages of a commercial nature are off topic. These include advertisements, solicitation, invitations to websites which provide "opportunities" for monetary gain, and so forth. If you have something you would like to post to the List and it seems to fall into this category, please email me privately before posting the message to the List.
  7. File attachments such as photographs are not allowed in posts to the mailing list. This is because your attachments will be sent to all list subscribers, and not all would necessarily want your attachments.
  8. Expletives are not allowed. Censored strong words may be allowed only if they contribute to the communication of the idea, and must be used sparingly and with discretion.
  9. Aliases are allowed only if the poster's name is clearly stated elsewhere in the post, or if the poster's full name was previously made known on the List. Use of first names only are viewed the same way as aliases, in this regard. Postings from persons solely using aliases or first names only, without prior full name disclosure at least once on the List, will be seen as contrary to the spirit of WGML, and will not be allowed. Because of this, new posters on WGML are required to post a brief introduction of themselves to the list, e.g. full name, connection to Guyana if any (where you were from, where you are now), what you do, etc. Nothing too personal is needed.


The Moderator's interpretation of the rules, and eventual rulings, are not subject to public debate.

The rules will be posted to the list every so often, to ensure that new members are made aware. They will also be located on this web site for easy reference.

If you have a query, I will respond to private email. Likewise, any moderating-type advice to subscribers will generally be done by private email.

For the moment, the list is uncensored. That is to say, I don't check the posts coming into the list before releasing them to list participants. I hope and trust that the rules will be followed and it should never come to that. I don't intend to read every single post either, but may make spot checks from time to time to ensure that things are running smoothly. I might not always participate in discussions, but will always be in the background.

I do not have the luxury of a lot of time, so my management of the list will necessarily be quick, concise and decisive.


Subscribing to WGML

Subscribe to WGML by filling out the following form. You will be sent email requesting confirmation, to prevent others from gratuitously subscribing you. This is a private list, which means that the list of members is not available to non-members.

Your email address:
Your name (See Rule 9 above):

You may enter a privacy password below. This provides only mild security, but should prevent others from messing with your subscription. Do not use a valuable password as it will occasionally be emailed back to you in cleartext.

If you choose not to enter a password, one will be automatically generated for you, and it will be sent to you once you've confirmed your subscription. You can always request a mail-back of your password when you edit your personal options. Once a month, your password will be emailed to you as a reminder. You will still be able to post and receive List emails without a password.

Pick a password:
Reenter password to confirm:
Would you like to receive list mail batched in a daily digest? No Yes

You will receive a confirmation message from the List server. Reply to this message without changing anything, especially the subject. If all is well after that, you will receive a welcome message indicating that you are a member. You can then post to the List. Until you reply to this confirmation message you are not subscribed, and will not get List mail.

Unsubscribing or Editing your Membership Options

To unsubscribe from WGML, get a password reminder, or change your subscription options enter your subscription email address and click the button. If you leave the field blank, you will be prompted for your email address.

You should get confirmation of either action within the hour. If you have a problem with either process, please email me.

Posting to WGML

To post to the mailing list, just send an email to You should not be able to post to the list without first being subscribed. When you send a message to the List, all List members are emailed, as it is a public forum.

As mentioned in Section III.6, file attachments to WGML are not allowed. However, if you have some photos which are of Guyana and things Guyanese, then please feel free to send them to me privately, and I will consider posting them (with full credit to you) on the web site, as space allows. That way, no one is forced to get anything they don't necessarily want.

View List of Subscribers

Only WGML members can see a list of other WGML subscribers by entering their email address and password and clicking the button below.

Address: Password:   


All members of WGML can modify their default settings (shown in bold italics below) to suit their particular preferences. These settings include --

  • Email address and displayed name
  • Password
  • Mail Delivery - Enabled or Disabled. Set to disabled for additional email addresses you want to be able to post from but not receive messages.
  • Digest mode - Enabled or Disabled.
  • Receive your own posts to the List - Yes or No.
  • Receive acknowledgement mail when you send mail to the list - Yes or No.
  • Monthly password reminder email - Yes or No.
  • Conceal yourself from subscriber list - Yes or No.
  • Avoid duplicate copies of messages - Yes or No.

You must have a password to make these modifications.

If you did not choose a password when you subscribed but need one subsequently, go to the 'Unsubscribing or Editing Your Membership Options' field, enter your email address, click the button and on the next screen, click the last button to have your list-generated password emailed to you. Once you have that password, log in and change the password to something more meaningful.


I sincerely hope that a great time can be had by all in this mailing list. Many times, strong friendships are forged through chatting on lists such as this. I certainly hope that this will happen here.

Have fun and let's keep chatting!

Wayne Moses,
Moderator and List Owner,
Wayne's Guyana Mailing List (
In Association with


Scope and staying on topic



Subscribing, unsubscribing and posting

Mailing List User Settings

WGML Photo Albums

(Members Only)

Member Photos

Christmas Album

Gail & kids

(Members Only)

Mailing List Status
The List is up and running normally.

Member Email Problems?

WGML Members with email problems such as mailbox overload are kindly asked to rectify these issues at their earliest opportunity. Help can usually be obtained from the ISP or other organization supplying the email account. Failure to rectify these problems can result in removal from WGML.

About the WGML Photo Album

Many of us hang out on WGML, and have a great time chatting about Guyana and things Guyanese. Sometimes we even talk about politics!

The Photo Album is a private password-protected page where members can have pictures of themselves posted ... just so we can have an idea who we are chatting with.

For security reasons, only members of WGML with photos in the Photo Album are able to view this page. These members can email me, requesting me to set up a username and password of their choice.

Please note that posting a picture on this page is entirely voluntary, and is NOT a condition of joining the mailing list. However, if you would like to send a picture of yourself, simply email me the file and I will include it. If you don't have a scanned image, then you can send me the photo, I will scan it for you and mail it back immediately. Again, email me if you want to go this route.

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