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May 22, 2018

CyberSoup and Other Recipes from the WWW
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This is a comprehensive collection of recipes from Guyana and the Caribbean, assembled from various sources including emails, the soc.culture.caribbean newsgroup and from memory. Thanks to all contributors.

Special thanks to Dr. Odeen Ishmael, Guyana Ambassador to the United States, and Permanent Representative to the OAS, for his donated [and incorporated] recipe collection. Click here for a Foreword by Dr. Ishmael.

Recipes range from the Classic to the esoteric. Only Guyanese Classic recipes are noted with a  Classic Guyanese Recipe

To get to the recipes, just click on the buttons for "Alphabetical" or "Food Category" listings at the top of the navigation site menu at left.

Questions about meal suggestions, or maybe some of the ingredients or terminology used in some of the recipes? Refer to the FAQ for the answers.

I have recently had email requests for various recipes. Time does not allow me to email recipes to individuals, so please get them from this web site.

Tip: If using MS Internet Explorer, you can highlight just the recipe you need and then click on File, Print, and choose to print only the Selection.

Copyright Notice: Please be advised that permission is granted to viewers of these recipe pages to print recipes only for their own personal use. Permission is not given for webmasters of other web sites to copy any of the recipes for redisplay on their web sites. Webmasters are however free to provide links to this recipe page if they so desire.


The Complete Caribbean CookbookFood of Jamaica
Order these titles today!

The Complete Caribbean Cookbook and The Food of Jamaica are two superb cookbooks which were used as references. These books are published by Charles E. Tuttle Publishing.

The Guyanese standard, What's Cooking in Guyana (Carnegie Home of Home Economics, Georgetown, Guyana; 1994), was also a reference used in this work.


Hankering for callaloo or curried goat? Click and enjoy -- The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Links to Other Caribbean Cooking websites


Milk Buns



Ainse Seed Bread
Cassava bakes
Chicken-in-the-Rough (Chinese style)

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